1. I always cry over these things.

    Best wedding I ever went to was a gay wedding back in ’99. The dudes weren’t legally married, though they had enough legal documents filed they were de facto married. Totally sappy, and sweet. Cried when one groom sang From This Moment On to the other.

  2. WTF! No one else has commented? I am using this blog as my substitute J-Walk. Jay is on hiatus until the 28th and is closing his blog soon by taking it to G+. I will not follow him there as I have been cyberstalked and cannot go to G+. That sucks as I was a guest blogger there under his “ask a commenter” posts.

    Cynical C is the most J-Walk like blog I have found so far. Cynical C links to J-Walk, but J-Walk links to no one. I will advise J-Walk readers who won’t do G+ to come here once comments are turned on again over there.

  3. sweet idea- I love that she was so happy to just be getting married! my mom and my mother-in-law planned our wedding, we just hired the musicians and had one person each stand up with us. (we wrote the checks too) Then on the day we just showed up, got married and went off to live happy ever after. Was perfect and stress free. You definitely have to let go and just enjoy whatever happens. I didn’t care about food or napkins or what anyone was wearing, I just wanted to get married. We have our 14th anniversary in September.

  4. I look forward to their “Aliens” inspired 10th wedding anniversary video. (Because Aliens trumps The Princess Bride as best film.) 🙂 That was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen 🙂

  5. At first I thought this was tacky, BUT… she really seemed to enjoy it. That is all that matters, right?!?! And he saved her a lot of heartache and pain by taking wedding planning off of her hands.

  6. When I first heard the idea, I thought, “oh, she’s going to be so pissed that she didn’t get to plan her wedding.” But then I see that he asked her about everything, even going as far as putting her bedroom furniture into her dressing room! Man. I think this guy has raised the bar for men!

    However, I did think the venue was tacky, with the cars whizzing by. But maybe that’s all they could afford or the only thing in that area.

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