1. I collect instruments with my fiance. I also collect glass bottles. I try to only have one of each shape/color/company. I think its just an interesting container…

  2. Clocks. We currently have about 165 clocks, all working. None are powered by electricity. They are either pendulum, weights or batteries. Our oldest is from about 1902. If you are trying to have a conversation in our house, you will be drowned out by chimes every half hour.

  3. Used to. I had a nice Felix the Cat ephemera collection as well as some other oddball collections but they found new homes via ebay.
    I still have my Hot Wheels collection (about 100 cars) from my youth in the 70s but I guess that isn’t an active collecting hobby.
    Seem to have a nice collection of obsolete Apple ‘i’ products going on now too…..

  4. I joke with my friend an avid collector of comic books and music that I’m his arch nemesis “The Dabbler” I don’t really collect anything, but I mess up his complete sets.

  5. I collect individual playing cards I happen to find lying in the street. I’ve got five so far, from various cities, and just keep them in little frames around my apartment. For some reason the phenomenon really appeals to me that a single card has been separated out and somehow left behind, with perhaps some unknowable history.

    I’m also fiendishly persnickety/obsessive about labeling and cataloging my large digital music collection, but that probably doesn’t count.

  6. A have a pretty good-sized collection of faux copper Jell-o molds hanging on the walls in my kitchen. However, I’ve pretty much gotten all of the designs I want that were ever made, so I consider the collection complete.

  7. I have walked the fine line between collecting and hoarding… but these days, most of my compulsion to collect things can be contained and managed by just adding a new hard drive. Trying to SHED things in the real world…

  8. Casino chips are the only thing I actively seek out. I’ve got custom made frames for them up in the loft, but I haven’t been doing it with as much gusto as years before. We normally go to Vegas for our anniversary, but finances and the economy have not been helping the hobby. I scored the boxed set of the 11 Doctor Who action figures off of Ebay, but that doesn’t count really as a hobby. Oh, and cook books, I guess. I do ALL of the cooking. Mrs. Cornjob is spoiled that way. 😉

  9. I collect glasses from fast food restaurants, mainly McDonalds. Sometimes I go for the Happy Meal toys. I have 14/16 Smurfs so far.
    I also have a coin collection that I build passively by going through my pocket change. I try not to go out of my way to get a coin I want.
    Aside from that, I have a bunch of pins, badges, crests, and other miscellaneous stuff crammed in little boxes.

  10. I have well over 100 sets of nesting dolls, mostly from Russia and China, that I have collected for 20 years. I also have a pretty good collection of boring postcards.

    When I first got a digital camera and was trying it out, I started taking pictures of all the different varieties of fire alarm pull stations and call points I came across . I still take pictures of new varieties all the time. I have considered putting them online in a blog or something, but I question whether anyone else would actually be interested. I may be the only obsessive weirdo out there.

      1. Well, you asked for it, you got it. I feel like a bit of a weirdo admitting that I have this hobby in the first place, and now I’m one of those people with the strangely specific website devoted to their weird collection.

  11. I collect movies, but lately, that’s been more expensive than it’s worth, and now I just watch tons of them. I have DVDs I haven’t watched. Some of them date back at least five years, still in their plastic wrap.

  12. Old bottles I find while hiking, interesting dead insects, car parts and assorted bits of metal for later use in welded sculpture, books, rocks. Jeez, it seems pretty bad when I write it down. Maybe I’m not a collector, but more of a hoarder.

  13. books, art supplies (from my college days), safety pins ( i have SO many), every chuck taylor I’ve ever worn, everything Sam Keith ever published.

  14. Too much…in addition to hundreds of DVD’s and now Blu-rays, I collect retro videogames, mostly import stuff but the domestic shelf is growing. I also have a great collection of local music from live shows, it represents the indie/experimental scene here over the past few years and I have tons of CD-R’s and tapes with awesome handmade packaging from the various acts around town.

    Then there are the toys…I love robot toys from the 80’s, but for the last few years I’ve been obsessing over vinyl toys – http://www.flickr.com/photos/vintango/5928697439/in/set-72157608252175101
    I have 5 full shelves of this stuff and several bins full of the overrun…
    Thankfully my wife collects vintage fashion and books, so she understands what it’s like to have these obsessions. (We also help keep each other in check, to make sure we’re not spending too much, but I think we probably encourage the other quite a bit as well…)

  15. I collect old elementary school textbooks from all time periods, focusing on readers and social studies books that best reflect times in which they were written. I find it hilarious that Dick, Jane and Sally were leading double lives as “John, Jean and Judy” in the Catholic schools, with some of the illustrations slightly redone to change a public school teacher into a nun.

  16. Rats. Movie rats, TV rats, Asian rats, Halloween rats, plush rats, jade rats, glass rats, plastic rats, wooden rats, ceramic rats, you name it.

    Gillette double edge razors. I have the very first (double-ring) model made from 1900 to 1905, the 1904 model made until the 1930s, a complete World War 1 shaving kit that was used in combat, a complete set of adjustable razors (7 total), a complete color handle set (three total), both of the very first 1930s twist-to-open models and lots of other models including the complete 1928 travel kit I just bough a few seconds ago.

  17. I collect old metal lunchboxes from the 50s-80s. I have over a hundred. I ran out of room in my house, and now I display half of them in the school library where I work.

  18. My BF and I are bordering hoarders as well. I collect vintage and new handmade plush critters. Straw woven trivets from the 70s. Old books. Open salts. Porcelain signs. Tin litho toys. Anything kitchy cool. Most anything 50s or earlier – household, toy or auto-related. I’d love to open an antique shop one day…it’s an obsession.

  19. My husband collects old staplers and hole punches. I have a hundred or so sewing needles… of various length, cut, taper, diameter, medium etc.

  20. I too collect books (in the same manner as you). I collect local artwork from the places I’ve visited (mostly direct from the artists). Lately I’ve started collecting visits to National Parks and Monuments. I hope to get to every one before I die, and since I’m old, I’ve got to move fast! (which is, of course, an oxymoron)

  21. No, just the opposite, actually. I hate clutter, and am often cleaning out closets and selling/donating what I don’t need anymore. A collection of anything would be a nightmare for me.

  22. I love books and have a ton but they stare at me with accusatory eyes demanding to know why I have not read them even though I keep saying I will. The guilt is too much to bear so I stopped.

    I do collect, and carve some of my own, Zuni Fetishes. It is really weird because I am not superstitious but the ones I buy I get because I can afford them and they “speak” to me. Maybe it is just that there is something special I like about it but I feel a real pull toward some of them.

  23. I have a small collection of old cameras.. old 16mm movie cameras and such. I was collecting DVDs until this streaming thing came around and then I figured what’s the point. All the movies will be in some sort of cloud one of these days.

      1. The ones I find in the woods do still sometimes have bits attached. Luckily, where I pick them up (rural Mississippi) there’s plenty of flesh-eating vermin to take care of it. I have a cage made of wire mesh that lets the small critters clean it off, while keeping the finds from getting picked up by dogs.

        I don’t really have a favorite type. I know I have four deer skulls. A few of them were probably poached from my Grandma’s property, one even has a hole behind her eye socket.

    1. How do you go about getting them? I once found a badger skull on a beach in Ireland, took it back and scrubbed it in a bucket of bleacy water to get all the hairs and scummy bits of decomposing skin off. That and an Orca tooth from BC are the only things like that I have.

      Though I do have a human skull. My grandpa was a doctor and I guess we came about it somehow.

      1. I find a lot of them on nature walks in rural Mississippi, but my uncommon finds come from a taxidermist friend and a distant cousin. From them I’ve gotten a bobcat and an aligator snapping turtle, respectively.

  24. Desktop wallpapers. I nearly exploded in my pants when I found out that W7 had a scrolling wallpaper function. I am borderline obsessive about it – 100% landscapes, skyscapes, or animal shots.

    They have to be well-composed; not just any old inconsidered image snapped with a DSLR will do. No fucking text or watermarks, to the point that if a good shot is ruined by a watermark I will spend 30 minutes in Photoshop getting rid of it. The resolution has to be at least 1920×1200 as I refuse to upscale an image and have all the artifacts and noise come out.

    Over the last three or four years I must have collected at least 1000, which have been pruned down over the months to 190 of the very best. I just love good photography, and since I spend a lot of time in front of my screen then I’ll make it my wallpaper.

  25. I am an infrequent and sloppy collector of beer coasters. My collection only grows when a friend or relative hands me one.
    “You collect beer coasters, right? Here’s an interesting one I found.”
    “Oh yeah, I forgot I do that. Thanks!”

  26. Butterfly knives. My favorite was bought in Japan and I have one from China, yet sadly I still don’t have a Balisong. Need to book a trip to the P.I.

    It’s a tough thing to collect in CA because they’re illegal to buy or transport, but not illegal to own if you already have them. Gotta love CA. I also have 6 guitars, but they’re all necessary.

  27. I’ve been collecting comic books since around 1963 (Yeah, I’m a few years older than dirt). I’ve also accumulated a rather large collection of obsolete video formats: CED, Laserdisc, Betamax etc. Since pretty much all of the players work, if I see something at a garage sale or a thrift shop, I’ll probably pick it up. I think I’ve got around 12 copies of “Goldfinger” on various formats with no duplicates.

  28. I collect LP soundtrack albums from anime TV shows about giant robots made between 1979 and 1989 (sort of the golden age of that genre, IMHO).

    Also cameras.

    Also Bill Evans records.

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