1. If honeybees are that crazy about a puddle then it’s either a very dry area or a wet area experiencing a drought. Where I live we are used to over 50 inches of rain a year. With the Texas drought we are barely a fifth of where we should be. There’s a leaking pipe at my building. There are at least ten honeybees there sucking up water every time I look. We also have hapless mud dauber wasps attracted to the glare of the reflected water, but they can’t gather any mud from the concrete.

    Water drinking bees barf up their water to be fanned by other bees to create an evaporative coolng system for the hive.

  2. I keep bees and when they decide a certain place has the best water around, they will flock (don’t want to use the word “swarm”) to the site to take advantage. Bees are very social; the communicate with other bees to tell where to find food and water. Amazing bugs, really.

  3. My dad has two beehives at his house. He picked up the hobby last spring and he loves it. They are really fascinating creatures. There are a lot of small things they do to work together to better the hive. Last week when it was in the mid 90’s the bees stand together in the opening and flap their wings to blow out the hot air of the hive to cool it down. So cool.

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