• Rampage_Rick


    • Eagle

      Beat me to it. Dang.

  • Mike K

    No thanks, I don’t math well, I just spell an gramer good.

    • Marlea

      Totally with ya. I am math stooooopid. Gave me flashbacks. Although I kinda dig the little squiggly lines (unofficial term)

  • FlamingAtheist

    I say Bacon, gotta be bacon.

    • Mike K

      Must be. Bacon is always the right answer to any problem.

  • jen

    = everything belong to Cyni-Kitty?

  • Stam
  • passerby


    • MacCrocodile

      Oh thank you. The hard questions were confusing me.

  • pvc

    set x to N and dx to sqrt(2*pi*N)

    Piece of cake.

    Next problem.

  • damnedyankee

    I’m not a mathematician. I’m you.

    • outeast


  • Cornjob

    = Michele Bachmann???? WE’RE DOOMED I TELLS YA! DOOMED!!

  • jen

    well, I can do the proof by induction of the initial statement. I’m happy with that for now. Thanks for the brain-teaser.

  • MadRat

    Nice try Chris, do your own math homework.

  • WordyGrrl

    The real answer must be thrilling because that N at the beginning is so excited. You can tell by the exclamation mark.


    Is it me?