Pet Dog Cut in Half and Tossed in Owner’s Yard


Six-year-old Rascal, a small brown Pomeranian, is believed to have been stolen from his owners’ property in the small western Victorian town of Nhill.

The owner of the dog was mowing the lawn when he stumbled on the rear half of his mutilated pet, which had been thrown back over the fence.

Senior Constable David Flannery said police had no idea who, or how many people, committed the cruel attack that has shaken the small community.

He said there had been no other acts of animal cruelty in the area.

“I find it very hard to believe it could be young kids being idiots because it’s going past the realms of what young kids would normally do … it’s a lot more violent then a normal stupidity attack,” said Sen Const Flannery.

“It’s concerning and it’d be concerning for anyone to know that the security of people’s pets on their own property is being jeopardised by cowardly attacks.

(via Arbroath)