1. Um, OSHA?

    Not just the obvious things like being crushed between the bucket and the bottom of the pool, or the side of the pool… What about the speedo-induced blindness?

    Excavator ~ Human Body
    roughly equates to:
    Compulsive eater with spoon ~ Jello pudding cup

  2. I almost said, “who cares? it’s just good, clean fun.” But then when the guy dips the bucket into the water and pours it out on the people, it’s a Mountain Dew shade of green. That’s not good or clean, and it doesn’t look like fun.

    1. Water is naturally clear, it just reflects the predominant colour, which is, often, the colour of the sky. That being blue.

      1. I retract this reported knowledge entirely having clicked that link and acknowledge my ignorant hubris with compelte humility.

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