Lunchtime Garden Thread

From Tanya:

Hello Chris,

I have been toiling over my mum’s place (about 2 acres in the hills)
for the past month bushing and pruning. Here is a snap of just a wee
bit of our late summer harvest. In the photo there is pear (avocado),
passion fruit, ackee, lime, jelly coconut, hairy mango, Bombay mango
and guinup. Not seen are my papa (papaya) and country pepper (scotch
bonnet) – basically I eat them up straight away! Also included is a
snap of a new species of ginger lily that has popped up


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  1. Ninabi,

    Lovely fruit. I’m wondering what I am missing in life, not realizing until now that there’s both bombay mango and hairy mango.

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