1. You know what? The suggestion of responding to this with more violence makes you no better than the thugs who started the whole damn thing.

      1. Thus according to your ethics, saying an act is as morally bad as actually doing the thing.

        If that’s not how your ethics work, then you should recant your statement. If it is, you need to delineate, exactly, how such an ethical system can work in just terms.

  1. My close friend is in the police specials and is being moved from our town into London, and she’s doing it all for no pay. Really hope her and the rest of the police can take control of these criminal gangs, and not get targeted by viscious anti-police attacks. Such a shame for the majority of the communities there.

  2. I cant believe people would do that!! made me feel sick and so very angry that you would ‘help’ someone who is obviously injured just to rob them!! there aren’t words I am willing to type that describe what I think should happen to those people!! I think its about time the Army got involved and got this under control very few people know why they’re rioting they just want to loot and rob

  3. 3 people a month die in police custody in London (for the last decade). Police in London routinely stop and search young black men and poor whites without provocation or cause. Duggan was murdered by a special paramilitary squad charged with solving gun related murders (oh the irony). London police beat and kicked a 16 year old girl who dared engage in a protest of the police’s refusal to provide details on the Duggan killing.The top ranks at Scotland Yard have all been sacked on corruption charges. A decade of police brutality, corruption and murder and what do we do? We look away from the source and of the illness and focus our attention on a single symptom. Is the theft of consumer crap more important than the routine loss of life suffered by poor and minority citizens of London (or any other City in the world)?

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