1. Most news reporters are useless interviewers. Just type “Kay Burley” into YouTube. Darcus does have a point, the youth are being ignored, there is still inequality in society. But there is some absolute human scum out there rioting, not protesting. I know a lot of people in London, some are scared. I was in London last week, came home 2 days before all this kicked off. Kinda lucky since some people have been unable to reach airports and have missed flights so are stuck there.
    The situation has been handled terribly, still no reason given as to why Mark Duggan was shot. I read he may have been connected with criminal activity, so he was under surveillance, but did he have a gun and was there reason to shoot him? We’ll have to wait and see. What’s happening in London has gone beyond that man, into what I’m not sure. Will thousands more police on the streets tonight make a difference.. I don’t know.

  2. He was very high-up in some London gangs, from what I know. So yes, very connected to criminal activity. But at this point it’s irrelevant, since these people have not been protesting his death since the end of the first day. They are just robbing people.

  3. Forbid the thought that people pissed on every day of their lives might actually lash out. Why the nerve of the dirty {slur omitted}. And forbid the thought that these dirty {slur omitted} might actually try and get some of the loot that the white TV tells them they are less than human for not owning. Who do they think they are, white bankers and hedge fund managers.

    But when white people in uniform do it to brown people, it’s OK.

    White supremacy fuck yeah!

    1. I’m sorry, but if that’s what you believe to be the reason for this “rioting” then you need to look again at some of the news reports. What started with a peaceful protest has devolved into a series of aggravated robberies, wanton vandalism and violence because the members of these crews have come to the realisation that the police have too little power to address their actions and don’t want to impinge on our freedoms by censoring the blackberry messenger service that they are using to coordinate these mass robberies.

  4. Darcus Howe is a racist – his comments about an insurrection are laughable – what has been happening in London and this country isn’t as noble as that – people are being burned out of their homes.
    He moans about his 15-year-old grandson being stopped and searched by the police but failed to mention that the majority of gun crime and muggings that take place in London is done by black youth. What should the police do\? Just let them get away with it?
    People like Darcus Howe have got a massive chip on their shoulder. People like me who go to football get treated unjustly by the police all the time but we dont go crying about it like Darcus Howe does – we accept that the police do it because of football hooloiganism.

      1. That’s not what’s happening though! I don’t understand why the US media seems to be interpreting this stuff in London as some underclass vs oppressors V For Vendetta kind of thing. It’s not about race or the downtrodden – it’s about gang members and impressionable teens jumping on an opportunity to raid Apple stores and sell iPhones on craigslist. There’s nothing noble about it at this point.

    1. “He moans about his 15-year-old grandson being stopped and searched by the police but failed to mention that the majority of gun crime and muggings that take place in London is done by black youth. What should the police do\? Just let them get away with it?”


      Advocating police stop and search based on a person’s skin colour on the understanding that you believe that that ethnic group are more likely to commit a crime is by definition racist because you are evaluating the person in front of you on his race only when picking him up!

      Every single act of criminal activity during the UK riots is inexcusable.

      But, when a population is under disspassionate economic attack by it’s govornment, the deal of ‘we will behave if you treat us properly’ breaks down.

      Sometimes it has a logic to follow like plackard led demonstrations (demonised in the press with the same vocabulary as the riots) and sometimes it makes no sense but is a flashpoint in a group of people who are pissed off.
      Sometimes those people are not politically articulate and sometimes they act criminally but the FAULT lies with the current Conservative govornment and its economic and social policies that make the environtment for rioting ripe.

      It would not have happened in 2007.

  5. The white “chavs” in the UK probably get searched and picked on by the police more than any other group… so I really fail to see this guy’s point.

      1. Certainly, let me rephrase. A white teenage Brit walking down the street at 2am in a hoodie is just as likely to be stopped as the same dark-skinned kid. But from my experience in the UK, the poor white kids (aka “chavs”) have a worse reputation for getting into trouble, and my Brit friends aren’t afraid of openly putting them down whenever they can.

        My opinion is one of personal experience from living in London (for a period in a council housing block), a best friend who works in UK youth corrections (kiddie jails), and experience with “lower class” teens in a community program.

        If Mr. Howe had said “people in a certain age group from lower socio-economic status are harassed by the police, and that is unfair since it makes them angry and feel like 2nd class citizens”, I’d agree. I do not, however, think it is a “black” problem in the UK. The UK is pretty damned open. Yes there are more black Brits in jail (3% of population but 15% of jail inmates) but there are also a higher proportion of black Brits who immigrated and are still in a lower SES. The gradual increase in SES of an entire group takes time, but I’ve never encountered any kind of systematic racism in the UK. That’s my point.

      2. @ guestspeaker

        I agree with almost all you wrote, insofar as the thrust of your point was that this is an SEC problem more than a race issue (where I now live there’s endemic racism towards gypsies/Roma, and many of the stereotypical claims seem empirically justified – but my experience of more racially mixed communities has taught me this is an artifact of transgenerational poverty rather than of race. Something my adoptive countrymen rarely accept). That said, (a) (and most importantly) I don’t know what bubble you were living in if you ‘never encountered any systematic racism in the UK’; it’s common enough. And (b) ‘poor white kids’ ? ‘chavs’.

  6. When you burn down your own neighborhood, your locally based stores, your homes and any local infrastructure, you’re not having an insurrection, you’re having a riot. Nothing good will come of this.

    1. It’s funny how class works. Because you do not live in poverty, you seem to think it doesn’t exist. Because you do not understand the extent of your privilege, you are surprised when others are not interested in helping you preserve it.

  7. When the social contract breaks from above, it breaks from below as well. When the state perpetuates mindless violence in the name of self-interested policy objectives, it’s little wonder to see the same thing being played out on the streets. Condemn what’s happening in the streets all you want, but don’t act so surprised.

  8. First riot – agitated by Duggans drug dealer gangmates. All the other riots and lootings are copycat affairs brought in to existance by the cumulative effect of social media and its virtually instantaneous connection of millions of people.

    Rioters throw things at the poilice. Looters and thugs steal things and mug people.

    Hopefully rain is on its way, that usually stops it.

  9. The sight of ‘disaffected’ black youths is the best recruiting tool that the British National Party has got. Someone also pointed out to me that in all the TV scenes of people rallying together to clean up the mess seem to be almost exclusively white or Asian – where are the members of the African-Caribbean ‘community’?
    I agree that that white guy who stole from that injured kid is a scumbag but unfortunately, I feel that the comments made by Darcus Howe simply reflect his own dislike of the institutions that run this country.
    I’d be more impressed with him if he pointed out that although some communities in this country are socially deprived, their ‘lot’ is minuscule – doesn’t even compare – to the suffering of those who walk miles and miles to get a handful of grain like those escaping the violence in Somalia.

    1. And does the plight of the Somalians cease to matter if I can find someone who suffers even more? Maybe I shouldn’t see a doctor for my broken leg because someone out there broke both. I don’t buy the argument that only the group who suffers the very most has anything to complain about.

      1. I fear you know too little of the “London Mandem” mentality. This isn’t a case of underprivileged people protesting their situation; the majority of these people are self-proclaimed Bad Mans who grow up selling drugs and stealing car stereos in between block fights.

        I’ve noticed that a lot of your comments seem to err on the side of idealistic simply because the majority of these people are of an ethnic minority. I’m afraid this is irrelevant; the majority also have a criminal record and no inclination to change. Imagine if your Cripz started a huge, coordinated robbery/vandalism spree. That’s what you are seeing in London.

      2. I think you’re reading a bit much into a couple of very brief comments that were not about the situation as a whole.

        But I have lived in California and in England and I see the comparison you’re making. And in either place, if you’ve got lots of young people joining gangs and turning to violence, something has gone seriously wrong for them.

  10. Just to even out the Somalia reference:

    “The highest earning director in 2007 was Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP. He collected £23,372,504 last year for running one of the biggest advertising and marketing groups in the world”

    If it’s relevant to contextualise outwards to the global economy, it’s interesting to then get a bit closer to home to the UK economy.

    23.3 MILLION a year.

    Conveniently the average wage is £22.8k

    So Sir Martin earns one thousand times as much as the average worker (not the poorest)

    Say the average guy’s mortgage was £700 a month?

    That feels like 70 pence to Sir Martin. Like buying a snickers.

    Say the house is worth £90k – for Sir Martin, that feels like £90 – The cost of a cheap train ticket from London to Edinburgh.

    £22k is also about the starting salary of a Policeman.

    Sir Martin earns the same as 1000 new policemen.

    Say 800 average policemen.

    All the live long day he ‘manages’ and ‘oversees’ Marketing and advertising.

    So, it’s true that most people in the UK are better off than people in Somalia but there is that ever moving 7% of people owning 84% of the wealth stat that means that capitolism is always a crumbs from the table economy for a lot of people.

    Even if you embrace capitolism as being a financial representation of human nature (the predation and dominance of the strongest) as inevitable and acceptable, the size of those crumbs are always what is up for grabs. It is fiction that there isn’t enough money for public services or even a space programme. It’s all there.

    Traditionally, labour seeks to keep the big crumbs on the floor, the conservatives think they can be swept up.

    They can only get so far with that strategy before there are concequences.

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