• My grandfather. He died when I was in my 20’s but the time I spent on his farm when I was a kid are the best memories of my life. That man let me drive the pickup truck back from the restaurant when I was 10 years old. That is some powerful stuff to a 10 year old.

  • FlamingAtheist

    My dad. Nearly 2 years gone now and I wish I had one last chance to talk to him.

  • MacCrocodile

    The broad side of a barn.

  • Who are you calling miss?

  • roflkopter

    youth – adulthood is really as shitty as they said it would be.

  • McGee

    A good economy, a country with lots of jobs, and Arrested Development.

  • My neighborhood. I still live there, but it’s kind of lame now. It was started as a cohousing community, and it used to be simultaneously more hippie-ish and less hippie-ish. A lot of the original people have moved out, and the new people aren’t really the same, y’know? Back in MY day, we would run around barefoot all day, and howl to communicate, and walk down to the river daily, and climb trees like monkeys. The new boys just play video games and the new girls are obsessed with fashion and skirts and boys. Booorrriiiing.
    (oh god, I’m too young to be a curmudgeon! Noooo!)

  • Mike K

    New good music.

    And just to acknowledge the elephant in the room…
    “of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most”
    -seen in every convenience store with a trucker hat rack, along side the “Pobody’s Nerfect” keychains.

  • janey

    my metabolism

  • Joey Chickenskin

    The Ramones.

    The Happiest hours of my life. Most bands you get 15 songs, four minutes each, you love, say, 7 at best so every ten minutes or so, you get a rush of excitement as they play a song you love. Try 30 songs with that rush pretty much every 90 seconds.

    I saw them 7 times, on average every 2 years. Two years after they split up I started missing them badly as it was time and when Joey died, as well as it being sad, the most profound thing was that they definitely wouldn’t be playing every two years or ever again.

    • pvc

      Good times indeed. I also miss Poly Styrene.

    • FlamingAtheist

      Big regret of mine is missing seeing them in concert. Best opportunity I had was when I lived in Louisiana, they played in NOLA a weekend I went to Houston, played Houston the day after I went back home to NOLA.

  • Brian

    I miss the 90’s… but mostly I miss being disconnected. Leave a message on my answering machine and I will get back to you if I ever come home and see that blinking red light….

    • Ive been thinking that a lot lately too, well, that and just missing being a teenager with no responsibility.

  • pvc

    Peace, prosperity and freedom.

  • Jim Buck

    I miss envying Americans.

  • Giamaica

    I miss a quite life with my wife and kids, not being bothered with bad thoughts about the future of my business and my economic stability. The last 2 years were a continuous nightmare.

    • Rampage_Rick

      I miss complaining about how much money I used to make. Now it’s considerably less, also without 3 weeks vacation or health benefits…

  • jen

    Sunshine…on my shoulders

  • Reverend Bob

    My sanity.

  • Marlea

    I miss Lake Huron and YCPE

  • sex 🙁

  • ange

    i miss having to memorize phone numbers. Nowadays with a cellphone I really don’t know anyone’s phone number.

  • MadRat

    Seems like most everything from my teen years the 1980s is gone now. All but one of my grandparents, uncles and aunts have died. The smaller shopping malls are either closing or being turned into strip malls. The computer stores and video game arcades have vanished. The houses I used to live in have been sold and now have other people living there; I’ll never get to see inside them again. Movies and TV seem like they’re not as good as they used to be. The economy is worse than it used to be, optimism has been replaced with anger and gloom. Even my Scout camp and high school, were I learned so much and had so many experiences was shut down and a lot of the teachers who guided my life have died.

    But then I remember life without GPS and Wikipedia and Google or I start up a video game or computer emulator and I’m shocked by how primitive they were. No matter how good the first Prince of Persia was in 1989 it just doesn’t compare to The Forgotten Sands.

  • jen

    I think I’ve narrowed it down, and would have to say: I miss the days before texting/smartphones/facebook, etc.. There’s no face to face communication anymore, and I think it’s sad when friends get together and then you see one (or both) paying more attention to their cellphone than the other person. Or you see someone walking down the street who’s oblivious of their surroundings because they’re texting/facebooking and whatnot. (Don’t even get me started on driving/texting….)

  • Danno

    Being excited for a movie to come out, among other things. Can’t remember how long it’s been since I really was pumped up to see a movie and it delivered. Superficial, but hey you asked.

  • Josh


    • MacCrocodile

      You mean Megan?


    My foreskin, and Super Sour Nerds/Dweebs

  • carolyn

    i miss my oldest brother – he died five years ago. on the bright side, i got my other brother back when he decided to finally divorce the psycho mormon he was married to – we didn’t speak for ten years (she wouldn’t let him talk to me – probably because i’m such a fucking hethen).
    but i still miss my bro – he was the coolest guy i ever knew.

  • carolyn

    i also miss being a good speller!


  • I miss my husband. He’s gone on a last-chance road trip with his son before he starts his senior year of high school. They should be back this coming weekend.

  • DreamDevil

    2D sidescrolling action games that were actualy challanging.

    • Giamaica

      what about prehistorik II ? 🙂

  • Ack

    Having a soul brotha or soul sista I could connect with. I have been trapped in an odd, lonely phase since I moved away from close friends and got married. I was so carefree and eager for adventure back then, I miss and grieve that time in my life.

  • Stephen

    I miss a Brazilian girl called Denise.

  • Mike K

    Cynical-C posts 7 days a week, like we had in the months leasing up to the ’08 election. Maybe this time next year, eh?

  • Paul in prep

    … having the right, I mean the opportunity, to find and hold a decent job with benefits, maybe a pension, some insurance. You know -full time. Especially if you tried to educate your self a bit.