1. He had previously vowed to leave Twitter because someone set up an account specifically to retweet him. (The person agreed to stop, but it did seem to reveal a deep, at least initial, misunderstanding on Brown’s part on how Twitter works and what happens when you post things publicly online.) I also recall a “what’s in your fridge” photo contest he held on the Good Eats website years ago but then ended just as abruptly, apparently horrified at some of submissions he received.

    Maybe he just attracts the worst elements — pretending to be his wife does seem like an especially dickish thing to do, even for a troll — but he does very often come across as a prima donna leaving in a huff when things don’t immediately go as perfectly planned. (You’d think, for instance, that complaining directly to Twitter about the troll would have been a better first step than “screw you psychopaths, I’m outta here!”)

  2. Used to like his show, then they did a ‘behind the scenes’ that basically ruined it for me – seeing the sound stage, fake family, etc. Add the fact he’s a pushy born-again and he can just flounce on out of my life and I won’t be bothered a bit.

  3. Could someone create an Alton Brown Quits twitter feed, where every post is Alton Brown quitting something? I would do it myself, but Twitter is a terrible place full of horrible people.

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