1. Corn is hard work but certainly worth the trouble and not impossible. I bet that corn was the best you ever had.

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  2. I planted one tomato plant in a large pot this year, and threw the other 3 from the pack in a window box. I figured there was no sense throwing them away, and I really like the smell of tomato plants, so my plan was to water them until the died for lack of soil.
    I got a, albeit very very tiny, red tomato from the window box yesterday afternoon.

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  3. I’ve grown as little as a 4 x 5 block of corn in previous years and had great success with it.

    And fresh corn is extremely good if picked before it gets over ripe.

    This year, however, my corn didn’t germinate… 8-(

    But I’ve already had enough cukes and courgettes (zucchini) to make a batch of pickles, and we’ve had our first meal of climbing french beans.

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  4. You’re a fool, Chris, a fool! Corn is for big gardens! You’re playing god. Foolish, foolish god!

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  5. you know how they say: the size of your corn, can be your ticket to porn…rural porn

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