1. Oh who cares about Kiryas Joel. Or hikers.

    The real story is buried in the local-news version of a CNN news crawl at the bottom of the screen: Ashton Kutcher will play a heartbroken billionaire on Two and a Half Men. Why is nobody talking about this?

    1. Though I’m actually kind of excited about the item after that: Lauren Ambrose has been cast in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl. I’ll never get out to New York to see it, but it’s always exciting to me when somebody shows Barbra Streisand up.

  2. “You look suspicious! Show me your ID…….. Okay, looks like you have one, so you’re free to go.” That makes a lot of sense because I’ve never heard of a single criminal carrying any kind of identification.

    1. They were on foot and not required to show any identification. I do not want to live in a country where you constantly have to show your papers to prove that you have a right to exist.

  3. And people worry about *sharia* law??? Here’s a town where Halakha (Jewish Law; precisely equivalent to Sharia) is applied in lieu of American law…

  4. All of this could have been avoided if the outsiders wore some kind of indentifying symbol, a star maybe, on their clothes so they can be easily recognized.

  5. I say we host the next “Caribana” there. If you don’t know what caribana is look it up and start picking a nice feather costume for yourself.

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