1. 1) Somebody needs to use their indoor voice…

    2) I’d never hit a lady, and considering that does not resemble one, BLAMMO!!!

    3) Does Clement and 10th even exist? If this crazy person asked for my address, I’d probably lie to her too. “Oh I’m at the intersection of 2nd Ave and 4th Ave” 😛

  2. My immediate reaction “Ah yes, San Francisco”. Clement and 10th is in SF (I think, SF has a nasty devil’s triangle that makes navigation difficult. I’ve been going there for 50 years, can usually find my way back to a place after only being there once, and STILL need to review the city map before I head there.)

    Oh, maybe that was me……..

  3. This poor lady needs medication…I had a good friend who out of the blue one day went completely nuts…he was diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia…luckily he was taken to a hospital and given the medication he needed and has been able to function and live a successful life ever since. This lady is showing the classic signs of that illness…

    1. My thoughts too. The first impulse is to laugh, until people think about what her life and the lives of those around her is like. Pretty sad really.

  4. I expect to see more of this as the states further shut down the mental health facilities in order to pass the savings on to the rich. Several have been shut down in NH because of budget cuts and re appropriation (theft) of the Medicare/Medicaid dollars by the state. Probably the same all over the country.

  5. Ah, yes, San Francisco does have the intersection of Clement and 10th. And, yes, San Francisco has more than its share of crazy persons. She’s either looking for Pizza Orgasmica or the Stepping Stones Women’s Recovery Home where she’s late for her primal screaming therapy group.

  6. She sort of reminds me of my grandson when he’s off his meds, only he says “Fuck!” at least every other word. He’s paranoid schizophrenic, BTW.

  7. Lets see, this woman is obviously distressed and probably mentally ill.

    She’s being abusive to passers by and one of those passers by may take exception and assault her or she may attack one of them.

    She needs some kind of help, maybe the police in the first instance. I’ts a risk because they could be heavy handed and it’s not really appropriate to call an ambulance for.

    I think the best thing to do for her would be to put my film up on Youtube as quickly as possible and see how many hits I get in 24 hours.

    And that children, is the story of the good samaritan.

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