1. Gotta love truckers, who don’t care a whit for the people around them because they know if they get into an accident with a car……the big-ass truck wins. Speed limit? What speed limit?

  2. I’m thinking traffic was stopped to the left of the camera, he started to break and then it was all over, wet roads etc. I wonder if I would have reacted that quickly…

  3. @McGee
    I don’t know, the risk of losing one’s job or committing vehicular homicide tends to be a decent motivator. If anything, your description sounds more like people in large SUVs.

  4. I have been driving for 8 years with over 800,000 miles accident free. The key is scanning ahead, slowing down when there are weather issues and slow down when something unusual is going on around you.

    This driver made a lot of mistakets. Sure some “truckers” are bullies.(they even bully me) most driver would rather put the semmi in the ditch before killing someone in a car.
    Lots of times I’m scanning ahead down the road, I will cut infront of a car in order to not blow over a car changing a tire. Saw a car fall onto a elderly man changing a tire two years ago. Most truckers try to be sheapered to all the cars on the road.

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