1. Congrats Chris! I’ve been reading your blog for 5 + years now.Love it. Im sure it is a gratifying milestone for you.

  2. well I only discovered your fine shop a couple of months ago so in one way it would be unfair to have me make the 100k. On the other hand maybe it would be emblematic of a growing readership.

    I’m probably a day late – story of my life.

  3. To be fair… a bunch of the first comments were probably tests to make sure commenting worked, and shouldn’t count. That should put 100,000 right about here.

  4. This is wildly off-topic, but does anyone live around Culpeper Virginia? Or, if not, if you’ve been there…..can you recommend a good place to eat?

    I have a job interview there next week and would like to sample the local flavoring.

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