1. Barack (but maybe just because the memory is fresher & because he kept his dinky winky in his pants (as far as we know))

  2. Both are too right-wing for my taste, but Clinton does seem to be a more skillful politician although Obama really inherited a very big mess and the rightwing have almost completely lost their collective minds.

  3. Slick Willy, even despite the fact that his policies helped lay the foundation for the current debt problems. But he is a MUCH better politician than Obama, who really seems in over his head.

    1. even despite the fact that his policies helped lay the foundation for the current debt problems

      WTF? did you miss the ’90s? Billy restructured the debt, saving over $40 billion dollars a year, raised taxes on the wealthy and kept us the hell out of combat. He left the federal budget in better shape than it had been since JFK. There is not a single issue we are dealing with because of his administration. If we could only undo the 8 years of Boy Blunder and his Super Friends we’d be in decent shape.

  4. Clinton, mostly because nothing makes a Republican madder than Bill Clinton. And why do they get so angry? Because he was, in many ways, successful.

  5. In an Ultimate Cage Fight? Bill. He’s got the weight behind him and he can do one hell of a Elvis-style roundhouse kick. On the basketball court, Barack would treat him as if he were the Washington Generals to his Globetrotters.

    1. I meant to add that the easy joke would be a competitive eating contest between the two… but I believe they’re both on restrictive diets these days.

  6. I’m left to wonder how many of those decrying Obama’s effectiveness stayed at home during the 2010 midterms that gave him this Congress to work with.

    Ideologically, Clinton and Obama seem to be cut from the same cloth. Maybe it’s the rose-tinted glasses of memory coloring impressions of him now, but Clinton bent over backwards to accommodate Congressional Republicans. All he got for his troubles in return was the years-long fishing expedition of Whitewater and an attempted impeachment.

    And should we ever have the bad taste to elect a Democrat again, the Republicans will subvert his or her presidency as well. The problem isn’t Clinton vs. Obama. The problem is a Republican Party that won’t accept that any legitimately elected non-Republican should be allowed to hold office.

    Rant over. Resume snarking.

    1. Seriously, though. I’d love to live somewhere I’m treated as a whole person. And I’m not above a greencard marriage. So anybody in Canada, Spain, South Africa, etc. with a thing for Americans… I’m available.

  7. Obama, he has a better knowledge of the world and that’s what is needed in these times of global economic crysis (I think democracts do better than republicans in this area)

  8. Obama. There was too much sleaze around Clinton. For a brilliant man, he sure screwed up personally. BHO is more professional, although I would love to see him really excoriate the right for their ridiculous intrangency.

  9. Hard comparison. Obama drove the entire right wing batsh-t raving insane because he was the first “Kenyan in Chief.” So much so, that their entire purpose is to make him a one-term presnit, even if they have to leave the country a smouldering waste in the process.

    Clinton didn’t have that insane anger from the onset. I mean, was anybody asking for Bill’s birth cert?

    1. So you don’t remember The Foul Mouth Dick, Armey saying “When we impeach President Clinton” in an interview in 1992?

      Or Patty Robertsons “Clinton Chronicles”?

      The truth is that came at him exactly the same way as they have at Obama except for the race thing. I had a friend who emailed me shit every day starting after the election filled with hate and vile accusations about the Clintons.

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