• damnedyankee

    You don’t get to make that call, Congresswoman. Especially when one of your talking points is how you’re a small business owner, and the “business” happens to be “pray away the gay” quack clinics.

    • incredulous

      Agreed. As the wife in a traditional Christian marriage, she should rightly leave that call to her husband.

      • MacCrocodile

        Since she does everything her husband tells her to do, saying that Marcus Bachmann is off-limits would be like saying Shari Lewis is off limits when we’re talking about Lamb Chop.

  • Mike K

    This is going to be Palin all over again. At least Bachmann speaks properly.

  • Frankly

    Sure yer majesty – just like you and your royal family left Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Clinton out of the politics of their spouses campaigns.

    Meanwhile that fruit cup you married takes a lot of the governments tax dollars to beg the invisible sky wizard to make other fruit cups less fruity. That should make him a target even if you just stayed home & knocked up like a godly wife should.

  • Try to help the gays get over it..morons like Bachmann are the ones who need to “get over it.”