1. How about the guy who placed it in the kid’s cap in the first place! He did it without any hesitation, whatsoever. Another thing: it’s just rude to turn around and give to someone else a present that was intended for you! I know it’s his ball to do whatever he wants to with, but it’s still rude.

    1. The thing that made this awesome is that a 12 year-old kid would be mature enough and be that generous with something that has so much sentimental value to someone his age. If an adult did that (like the guy that handed to him in the beginning) it wouldn’t be remarkable at all. I’m sure when the guy saw the replay he was happy to see what the 12-year old did with his “gift.”

      1. I was surprised that you’d make a comment like that.Glad to know you weren’t serious (OOPS!). Glad I didn’t respond with a “hey, up yours, buddy” reply!

  2. “Baseball is the belly button of America. If you straighten out the belly button, the rest of the country will follow suit.” – Bill Lee

  3. I literally got a little teary eyed when I watched that the other day. I made my 7 year old boy watch it, just to show him how kind and generous people can be.

    1. Good for you, Trace! I especially liked how quickly his face went from joy to pity when he saw how upset the other kid was for not catching the ball.

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