• Cornjob

    Well at least he didn’t put ketchup on the thing. Ketchup on a hotdog is just plain wrong and evil.

  • Sid

    What’s with the gloves? Is there a problem with using bare hands if they’re washed?

  • outeast

    It strikes me as cheating to put all that expensive stuff in there.

  • Rich

    Yeah, they tend to that for lots of these “records” and it seems like cheating to me too. How to beat the World Record? Just add more truffle (or gold leaf, or serve it in a diamond encrusted dish that the customer gets to keep, or…).

    • gruggach

      or stick a hundred dollar bill in it, charge $101. New World Record!

  • Mike K

    What constitutes a “hot dog”? He said “all-beef hot dog”, but that looked more to me like a Bridgeford beef stick.

    • Rampage_Rick

      For it to be called a hot dog, doesn’t it require 8% squirrel meat by weight?

  • niel

    Well, I gotta say… the “presentation” that they were discussing is really quite terrible. Not sure why they’d go to the trouble when the serving-product is really poor. The spanish black caviar – really – just looks like rat turds on top of the creme fraiche. Awful.

  • Stick

    Now to present Trimalchio his lunch!

  • Matt

    So, then it’s only a few dollars more than a regular ballpark hotdog?

  • kory

    aside from the truffle shavings, none of those things sound like they would taste good on a hotdog. $5 in ingredients that don’t go together, and an $80 pricetag for some jackass with more money than brains…..