Lunchtime Garden Thread

Thanks to Mela for sending in some pics of her garden:

I’d like to congratulate you on your garden experience.
Here are pictures of my balcony garden in Piastow, near Warsaw in Poland.
There are four tomato plants in pots, some onions and some fresh herbs such as basil, sage, thyme and so on. In the centre you can see some of my house pot plants enjoying their outdoor holidays 🙂
The overshadowing vine is wisteria, climbing from the few square feet of ground below the balcony that we are allowed to use. I’ve got a small herb garden there – peppermint, lavender, catnip, melissa…
I have already harvested three ripe, sweet, fragrant tomatoes, some more are already changing colour to orange.
There’s nothing like home grown veggies, next year I plan to add some peppers and beans, as long as the area (four square metres) allows.
The funny thing is that the tomato plants were initially planned as purely decorative, to brighten my kitchen window sill. So much for the info on seed packets 😀

Quote of the Day

You know the Wall Street Journal is accurate, because as a (Rupert) Murdoch paper, they’ve got ways to get inside information.

– STEPHEN COLBERT, on the Wall St. Journal indicating that the suspect in the Norwegian terror attacks was likely al-Qaeda — before officials even identified the suspect, who turned out to be Norwegian — on The Colbert Report.

(from Really, Fox News?)

Racism of the Day

Arkansas High School Appoints Co-Valedictorian Because Top Student Was African American

A high school student in Arkansas was blocked from receiving sole valedictorian honors this summer, despite earning the highest G.P.A. in her class and receiving only a single B in her four years at McGehee Secondary School. Kymberly Wimberly’s offense? She’s black. School administrators worried that Wimberly’s accomplishment would result in a “big mess” at the majority-white school, so Principal Darrell Thompson told the student’s mother “that he decided to name a white student as co-valedictorian,” even though the white student had a lower G.P.A. The matter is currently pending in federal court.