Cancer Survivor, Gets Soaked By His Own Urine Again By TSA

Fuck Yeah, TSA:

A former bladder cancer patient was soaked in own urine for the second time earlier this month when his urostomy bag was dislodged by a TSA agent.

When the exact same thing happened to Thomas Sawyer in November, a large outcry on the internet forced TSA administrator John Pistole to issue a personal apology.

Sawyer said he warned agents to be careful of his urostomy bag while at the Detroit Metro Airport en route to Orlando on July 14th, and that both of them handled him roughly. According to the Detroit Free Press, during the latest incident, Sawyer was not asked if he would like to be patted down privately.

Sawyer told the paper that following last year’s incident, “I thought that I had really made a difference for people flying with urostomies, I really did. I’m angry this time. They can’t be training them properly.”


  1. Detroit Metro Airport is terrible. The TSA “Agents” are just a bunch of under-educated, under-paid morons. Every time I have to go through security in Detroit, I cringe. Generally, if I fly, I’m with my kids and it is a pain. It’s a major difference when we go through security in Orlando, it’s amazing! They’re smiling and polite.

  2. Trace, I agree, the differences in TSA behavior airport to airport is pretty amazing. Minneapolis is OK, Detroit is bad, Philly and Newark are terrible. Most others are OK.
    It’s been my experience that if I’m in line and one of the agents is yelling, “liquids, lap tops, blah, blah, blah..” then I know I’m in trouble.
    The TSA really needs to find a way to share best practices or something.

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