Barack Obama is gutting the core principles of the Democratic party

From The Guardian:

Fast forward to 2011: it is now beyond dispute that President Obama not only favours, but is the leading force in Washington pushing for, serious benefit cuts to both social security and Medicare.

This week, even as GOP leaders offered schemes to raise the debt ceiling with no cuts, the White House expressed support for the Senate’s so-called “gang of six” plan that includes substantial cuts in those programmes.

The same Democratic president who supported the transfer of $700bn to bail out Wall Street banks, who earlier this year signed an extension of Bush’s massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and who has escalated America’s bankruptcy-inducing posture of Endless War, is now trying to reduce the debt by cutting benefits for America’s most vulnerable – at the exact time that economic insecurity and income inequality are at all-time highs.

Where is the “epic shitstorm” from the left which Black predicted? With a few exceptions – the liberal blog FiredogLake has assembled 50,000 Obama supporters vowing to withhold re-election support if he follows through, and a few other groups have begun organising as well – it’s nowhere to be found.


  1. The problem is that Obama and his Wall Street buddies know that the alternative is so vile and disgusting that no progressive could bear to not vote for Obama. So progressives have their balls in a vice.

    1. Wrong, sorry to say, but next year on Election Day, I will be sitting home for the first time in my life! I just can’t vote for this man again.

  2. I wouldn’t blame Obama alone for this. The Democrats in Congress have been showing a distinct lack of spine since before he was president.

  3. The Bush tax cuts are there to save the economy. They give corporate CEOs the ability to expand business and create more jobs… supposedly. Problem is, while they’re expanding business, the only jobs they’re creating are overseas, and the excess profit is going straight into the CEOs’ pockets instead of at least benefiting the workers still here in the U.S. They don’t give a shit about America or the working class. It’s just like two years ago when Obama bailed out the banks. Instead of using the money to save their banks they all gave themselves bonuses. Ridiculous.

  4. It’s the system that’s rotten; don’t make it so personal. A place on the ballot voicing objection with the system would be an amazing first step. Obama and Kissinger can go fucking polish their Nobel Peace Prizes on the moon for all I care.

  5. Core principles of the Ds? Let’s ask Hubert Humphrey about that: “Vietnam is our greatest adventure, and a wonderful adventure it is!””

  6. Obama could criminalize abortion, eliminate social security, and start another three wars, and he’s still be too liberal for the right.

    1. You miss the point ben. Obama knows that if he cuts Social Security and Medicare, you will vote for him. He knows that if he fails to release political prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, you will vote for him. He knows that if he continues to order unprovoked attacks on a weaker country without Congressional approval and illegally attempts to kill that country’s leader, you will vote for him. Obama knows that if he taps your phone line without a court order, you will vote for him. He knows that he fails to bring even one person from either Bush’s administration or CIA to trial over torture, you will vote for him. He knows that if members of his own administration torture Bradley Manning, you’ll vote for him.

      Obama knows that because he has a “D” next to his name, no matter what he does he will still be supported, have his actions defended and get reelected. That’s why I tell people, political parties are made up of politicians, people who put power first and values second and the longer you live, the more you’ll see the truth of this.

  7. The problem is that most democrats are realists, while a much higher percentage of republicans are ideologues. This means that while democrats typically will say, “This is awful and I hate it, but there is disagreement and we can’t reconcile it, so we’ll just do what we can,” republicans will say, “We refuse to compromise under any circumstance, in any amount, because we’re right.”

    It’s not even about holding the country hostage with a potential default and Obama caving. It’s the fact that Obama is rational enough to know that republicans have long since crossed the boundaries of rationality. They’ve convinced everyone they’re insane enough to kill the hostage, and now it shouldn’t be any surprise that Obama caves to their demands.

    That said, Obama needs to ascend one level above this game, instead of playing it however savvily he thinks he is, by robbing republicans of their moral high ground on a conceptual level. He needs to clearly call them out, say, “These people care more about their principles than the people who voted for them,” and make them have to answer. Instead, he just assumes they are a force of nature and is making the best of it.

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