1. Well, I know where I won’t be going on vacation! The bikini babes will be heartbroken, but I’m sure they’ll still enjoy the trip to Amish country next summer.

  2. so? if these people have an established community where they have certain customs, who cares? if these people wish to inform the public about these customs, who cares? if these people want to request respect from visitors from THEIR community, who cares? it’s not like they are arresting people, harassing people, or otherwise hurting anyone. i don’t see anything wrong with the clean language request or the modesty request, the gender separation is a bit overboard, but it’s just a request.

      1. Yes, Rich, even then. The courts have ruled time and again that the separation of church and state dictated by the first amendment applies to all levels of government. A government-sanctioned religion does not get decided by popular vote. The community may be heavily Jewish. It may even be entirely Jewish, but even then, they don’t get to promote their faith with public money.

        That said, this particular sign seems to do a very good job of avoiding specific religious reference, so I’m rather ambivalent.

    1. So, everybody in the U.S. has to be tolerant of others unless they themselves are different. In that case, they’re allowed to be intolerant because that’s there heritage? We can’t have it both ways, people. Either we’re all allowed to be intolerant or we all have to be tolerant.

  3. Kiryas Joel?

    I’d rather live in Kiryas George, where all men will be required to wear yellow hats and maintain separation from monkeys at all times.

  4. Great. Can I make an atheist town now and ask that everyone respectfully go around naked and fornicate wherever possible?

  5. To me it sounds like a pretty nice place to live. If I lived in the US I’d consider it.

    A couple of days ago I caught a bus home, and on the bus a group of teenagers were teasing a guy with mental health issues. The poor guy flipped out and started running and screaming around the bus. I bet that wouldn’t happen in Kiryas Joel.

    1. Yes, instead in Kiryas Joel the fundamentalist teenagers are teasing a young woman for wearing shorts until she cries and runs off the bus. I bet that wouldn’t happen in NYC.

    2. Yes it would happen ’cause they all have mental health issues there- called religion. It happens there on a daily basis; look at their attitude towards women. Just because they put up a sign saying no ‘potty mouths please’ doesn’t mean they’re a bunch of saints. They’re the same bunch o’ bigots as the rest of ’em

  6. Guys, this is *exactly* how communities with -to us, absurd- traditional values should handle things. Instead of trying to legislate their morality on everyone else they’re asking visitors to be polite and respect local custom. As long as they don’t start fining people for short skirts of public displays of affection I have no problem with a this request.

  7. Oh, I am just going to move on to the next video, the lightly dressed, ever so gorgeous Maha who teaches me something in Arabic. I don’t really care what she teaches, I just love watching her 🙂

  8. I love how the local taxi driver is standing there in shorts and a t-shirt “cut above the elbow” talking about how he doesn’t mind and will abide by the rules.

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