Lunchtime Garden Thread

From Brko & Andreja

This is our garden located at the rooftop of the 4 storey building in city center of Zagreb, Croatia. We’ve grown about 10+ old varieties of tomatoes, sunflower, cucumber, corn, cotton (as an experiment), peppers (jalapeno and “normal”), a bit of okra, mint, green salad, spinach and a few other things for which I’ve got no idea what are their names in english. Btw. we try to grow old varieties of any crop we can acquire seeds for. Do you by any chance, have any local seeds you’d like to exchange or have a source you can recommend?

From Mike:

Dang, I missed the lunchtime garden feature. Here’s a pic of some beans I planted on the rooftop deck outside my office in Connecticut, USA. You can see some chili peppers, too. Things do well up here as they get the sun coming off the windows.

And my garden.

The three sisters section (corn, beans and squash) are growing at a tremendous rate. The cukes are growing an inch or two a day. The tomatoes are starting to outgrow the cages and we harvested a pair of strawberries yesterday. People were right about the Morning Glories taking over the garden so we ripped them out and replaced them with coneflowers.