Lunchtime Garden Thread

From MangaWitch:

There are two pics of my garden. ‘Before’ – which was a year ago and ‘After’ – which was taken in April this year. It’s now settling in nicely and just waiting for everything to flower. Veggie garden will be at the bottom (Other side of the tree).

From Le Sacre:

Hey Chris, it looks like I’m too late to the party, but here’s a shot
of my happily out-of-control indoor vertical garden.

From Lucas:

konnichiwa sir-

lots happening in our garden just up on the mountain in western Japan. we have onions, squash, shiso, cucumbers, eggplant, asparagus, bell peppers, corn, tomatoes, and some basil growing. battling with the surprisingly smart crows and the ill-mannered wild boars but… satisfied. harvesting our first tomatoes and more cucumbers than we can eat so far. here is to a nice balance of rain and sun, eh? and we have a few mini frogs around to keep us company too.