I Get Email

From: Todd C.
Subject: Liberty University Banner Ads


Liberty University is the institution of choice for bigots and morons.

I’m guessing you don’t have any control over what banner ads appear on your site, but if you do, you might want to get rid of those ones.

Todd C.
Prepress Coordinator / File Specialist

First World Problem.

My response:

From Chris
To: Todd. C
Subject: Re: Liberty University banner ads?
Two questions.

1. What are you talking about?
2. Who the fuck are you?

Actually, that I don’t know the answer to number 2 means I really don’t care about the answer to #1. And given the way you initiate emailing with somebody you don’t know, I don’t care for an answer to #2 either.

I’m assuming that it was a google context ad for Liberty University that got our Prepress Coordinator in such a tizzy that his complaints exploded into his email like a bad case of digital dysentery where there was no time for such formalities such as an introduction or a salutation. Who has time for such niceties when there’s a CHRISTIAN AD ON YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!!&@&@!!!

Yes, we all know by now that Google Ads are contextual and sometimes are a bad mix for the subject. You can block certain ones but you’re deluded if you think I’m going to spend any time seeking out each ad to block. I have better things to do with my time. (i.e. writing blog posts about assholes who send me ridiculous email)