Lunchtime Garden Thread

From John:

Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’re in the middle of a drought here and rodents ate the peas down to the ground. Pepper plants look kinda like palm trees as they’re stripped of their leaves as high as a kangaroo rat can reach. We already have harvested garlic, onions, radishes, lettuce, hot peppers, and summer squash (yellow goosenecks). It’s all organic – no more Monsanto GM veggies for us. A fun and practical project. Garden is 12 X 22 feet with a drip irrigation system.

From Dan:

Here is a picture of our cat inspecting the veg patch at our house in Falmouth, UK. We are growing potatoes, peas, radishes, gourds, romanesco and little ping pong ball sized carrots.

Really enjoy the blog and your garden is looking fantastic! My tomatoes are only just sprouting on the windowsill in my room.

Good luck with the rest of your harvest!

From Stewart:

Good on you for starting up your own vegetable garden! It’s a really satisfying experience. I started one up a couple of years ago when my first daughter was born so that she’d grow up with veges from the backyard being normal.