Lunchtime Garden Thread

From Sarah:

Hi Chris,

This is my bell pepper plant. Yesterday I came home to see a tiny, tiny pepper forming!

From Tracy:

It’s dark and I don’t have a recent photo of my slab garden. Here is an old shot.
Lantana, Mint, Basil, garlic and Sweet potato vine shown in this photo. Currently growing in pots out of view of this photo – Carrey Mango, Buddha’s Hand, Miracle Fruit, Pineapple, Red Bell Pepper, some kind of Hot Pepper my mom gave me, Longan, Avocado, Sapote, Meyer Lemon and Key Lime on the same rootstock, Blackberry, Blueberry, Tea, and 3 kinds of fig.
I think it’s a blessing that I’m not allowed to plant in the ground. My yard would be overwhelmed.

From Miss Cellania:

This about half my garden. I took the picture to illustrate a story about canning cucumbers, so that what I focused on. It has tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

From Tracey:

We aren’t doing full veggies this year, but my kids decided they wanted a fairy garden. This is what we came up with. They (ages 7 & 5) chose every item here, including each and every rock around the garden.

Click on the pics for a larger pic. I’ll be doing another thread tomorrow for those who want to share a pic of their gardens and haven’t done so yet.