And My Netflix Crush Ends

My queue was dwindling to single digits so I switched the plan to the one dvd at a time and unlimited streaming. And now they’re going to split that plan up to charge extra. Well that sucks. Especially since I don’t have a movie in my queue at the moment that even allows streaming. Looks like I’m going to settle for Plan 2 or just dump Netflix.


Judging from the 8,000 comments on the Netflix blog, I’m not the only person upset about this.


  1. Those lousy cork-soakers. They have violated your fargin rights. Fargin iceholes. I hope they wind up with their bells in a sling.

  2. @Cornjob speaks for me – I’m a recent Netflix customer, and added the unlimited 1-at-a-time DVD for an additional $2 just this month. Now they are going to change it on me?


    At least they gave a month or so warning.

  3. equal price for streaming and DVDs, when the streaming list is maybe – MAYBE 1/3 of the titles available on disc. If they bumped their streaming content I might go along with it but after price hikes in February and now an effective 60% increase here they’ve nearly doubled the price this year. Forget it. I’m not buying in to their gouging.

    1. Probably none. With a price increase that huge they could literally lose over a third of their customer base and still turn a profit if those customers all went with the DVD + streaming plan. They might even make more, when you consider that fewer customers = fewer employees.

      I’m just glad I never bought a RoKu (streaming box) and built my own streamer instead.

  4. Just checked my inbox and got the same email. Netflix, you’re killing the Golden Goose and flipping off your long-term customers at the same time. Like Sean said, this is the 2nd price hike in a year, and a MAJOR one at that. Not a wise move on their part seeing how many other streaming movie rental services are popping up, and Blockbuster and Redbox offer movies for 99¢ a night. Greedy bastards.

  5. They’ve been moving towards a streaming-only model for some time now. In Canada, there is no DVD service; it’s all streaming.

    1. Yeah, I’ve had streaming since the day it came out in Canada: September 22, 2010 (Should be a national holiday :P) DVD-by-mail was never an option here, which might help explain why our Blockbusters are still in business.

      What really chaps my ass is how the streaming catalog is vastly superior in the US. Star Trek for example. Every TV series except DS9 began streaming July 1 in the US, and we get the shaft… Then again they’ve had years to license movies down there. We’re still in year < 1

  6. I’m so super bummed about this. I’ve had Netflix since 2007 too. I use the streaming too much to just dump it alltogether, but I’m not paying another $8 a month to get like, maybe 2 DVDs. I guess I’ll just have to start renting again…uuugggghhhh. I thought that part of my life was over.

  7. Chris’s favorite phrase: “First World Problems”

    I don’t see the big deal here. Yes, their prices went up. A lot of prices for goods and services have gone up. The fact that you can get UNLIMITED streaming for $8/month is crazy awesome. You can watch Netflix on your TV, your computer, your iPhone your iPad your whatever for $8. I can’t believe people are really saying that they’d drop Netflix and go back to Blockbuster. Really? Really?

    1. Whoa. I never said I’d go back to Blockbuster. But with RedBox now for new releases, the only thing I use Netflix for is older movies and tv shows… and many of those are not streaming at the moment. So personally, this price raise makes no sense for me and is a crappy deal.

      1. Yeah, if this came with a massive improvement in service, that’d be one thing, but as long as streaming video is still so sparse, this is crap.

  8. You don’t know how luck you are. In the UK I pay £18 a month for dvd only, no streaming. That’s $28. If you had to actually purchase the amount of shows and movies you probably stream it might cost over $100 a month. Netflix is far too cheap for a sustainable entertainment industry and it’s robbing the content creators.

  9. I’m a bit annoyed that this comes as a sudden jump in price, but I don’t begrudge them increasing prices, really. I think Netflix is still an awesome deal, whether streaming or DVDs. If your queue runs dry, you can always suspend it for a while until you find more things that pique your interest (obviously :-P)

    Since Netflix has gotten more popular the studios have been looking for a bigger piece of the pie, and I don’t think they’re getting their content as cheaply as they did originally. So a price jump is understandable (60% in one go is a bit much though).

    Still, I’m more inclined to look at this and think I should drop cable (a huge money pit) to save my pennies than to drop Netflix. YMMV.

  10. The invisible thing people aren’t seeing is that the cable companies are hitting netflix because movie streaming is eating up the bandwidth. It just depends on how many movies you watch, really. I’m just switching to streaming becuase I am so behind the times anyway…

  11. My current plan (2 dvds/unlimited exchange/unlimited streaming) is currently about $15/mo, and I see it’s due to hike up to $20 in September. I understand that people who have recently taken up with Netflix could be upset about the recent change…but maybe I can add a voice of reason here?

    Have we really considered how great a deal Netflix still is? Maybe it’s because I live super close to a distribution center, but I get my turn around in 2 days. Which, between my two discs, i could easily see some 20 titles through the mail plus my unlimited streaming. That still sets me at about a dollar per dvd if you discount the streaming, and I highly value the convenience of these things being pushed through my mail slot rather than requiring me to go to a redbox and hope they have the obscure title I was hoping for. Even at $8 for 1 disc, you can assume you would get 10 rentals per month if you were prompt about watching and returning, which means you are still paying less than a dollar per disc- still 20% cheaper than redbox.

    I’m sure netflix will see an initial drop in customers, but everyone will return for the same reason they joined in the first place: it’s still super cheap, it’s still super easy, and they still have the best selection.

    yeah, it sucks that for people who currently do 1 dvd + streaming are basically having their rate doubled, and yes it sucks to think that many people thought they had entered into a fixed price contract with netflix. BUT, it’s still an amazing deal and the total outrage from people doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, renting 1 title through youtube is $3, and you an only watch it for a fixed period of time.

    I’m still happy with netflix. they’ve helped me get rid of cable (so I’ve saved $60/mo), I get great service, and I have 6 weeks of warning about the price hike, which is more than I can say about a lot of services.

    1. I think the outrage for most is that when you consider that both plans as one were $7.99 back in January and will now be DOUBLE that in September, there’s a feeling of being a victim of bait and switch. No one likes to be exploited. It’s like a drug dealer that gives you junk cheaply, then when you’re hooked, he bumps the price. They could have at least offered a discount for the customers that opt for combining the two plans. Hell, they never even gave a decent explanation for the price hike.

      1. i totally agree that people (especially those who have recently signed up) do and should feel sore about the deal. I’ve had netflix for a few years now, and i’m astonished the prices have stayed so low for so long. and i argue they are still very low. i think if netflix did a better job explaining to its customers about licensing fees, bandwith consumption and the sheer cost of organizing an enormous postal library, there might be a bit more understanding.

        i know what i’m saying is unpopular. i realize that i sound like some kind of corporate hack. but i’ve heard more people grousing about how their very affordable concierge dvd service stopped costing as much as a drive-through dinner, and just began costing as much as a dinner in a shit restaurant.

        part of me hopes that everyone complaining about it does jump off the bandwagon, maybe then i won’t have to wait 3 whole days for that obscure indie title that i have no other venue for watching to arrive.

  12. At least the library is still free. Myself, only been using Netflix for cable TV shows, but now realized we’ve caught up to everyone’s TV watching time and it turns out we’ve been wasting as much time at it as everyone else. Price hike gives me a reason to quit the addiction and go back to something more important.

  13. Well, if you live in an area where you can’t get fast internet or you just chose not to stream then your netflix cost will drop by $2. Unfortunately for me I have a fascination for old TV that netflix and Hulu don’t stream but I like a lot of the stuff that they do. I guess my rate is going up 60%.

    I think Netflix opinion of the people who complain is best summed up by what they put at the end of their blog post.
    As always, our members can easily choose to change or cancel their unlimited streaming plan, unlimited DVD plan, or both by visiting Your Account”

  14. They’re charging the same price for streaming that they are for dvds, which may be fine if all, or at least a good majority of their stuff actually was streaming at the moment. Out of the 20 dvds on my queue right now, 1 is available to watch online. How are the prices the same for both options when there’s still a tremendous gap in availability?

  15. I hate it when companies realize how popular they are and start removing little bits and pieces of their service that make them attractive to customers. This happens with every major company when they reach the point of being ‘invulnerable’ to criticism. It doesn’t matter how annoyed we are because people will still spend money on the service. Just look at the fast food industry being ridiculously unhealthy and irresponsible (in terms of the content of their products), cell phone companies gouging us on monthly fees because we all need cell phones, ISPs gouging us because we all need Internet access or things like Facebook and Google doing sneaky backdoor dealings to sell our personal information to the highest bidder because it’s not like most people are going to delete their accounts. Even if the most informed of us DO delete our accounts, the majority won’t and our voices won’t be heard.

    Meh… first world problems, whatcha gonna do?

  16. Our bill will actually go down $4. The streaming is useless to us, as the only screen that will work without new equipment or an extra monthly service is MY computer, which I need for work. We have trouble extracting the kids from it when I awake from my nap as it is. So we will drop the streaming.

  17. It’s pretty much how it works in Canada. Except that we don’t have the DVD option. AND that we have about percent of the library you guys. But it’s still a service worth a lot more than 7,99$ a month. How much did it used to cost you?

  18. The outrage on the Netflix blog is a joke. How people didn’t see this coming amazes me. They had to realize as soon as the TV/Movie industry saw how popular this was they would start charging Netflix more for access to the content.

    I could be wrong but I doubt Netflix is raising the price purely as a big fuck you to customers – as so many people are making it out to be. Its funny to see people screaming GREED when Netflix has been providing streaming content for free alongside the DVD service for years.

    However, I do agree there are some changes they could make that would improve things. The best two I can think of are a discount for having both the DVD and streaming plan, and providing a lot more of the DVD catalog as streaming content.

    1. I’m guessing this is probably a reaction(on Netflix’s part) to Comcast (fuckers) charging Netflix a fee each time someone streams a movie on a Comcast network.

  19. Today it occurred to me that maybe they’ve wanted to raise their prices all along, but it didn’t fit their strategy, which is: keep the prices ridiculously low until all the other DVD rental companies can’t compete and fail. Then, once they have a near-monopoly, charge whatever they want.


      That’s theft. Don’t care how you look at it, that’s just theft. There are a couple of DVDs that I’ve bought, and we can not stand waiting through all the FBI warnings. Those, I’ve torrented. So I can just hit “play” when we want to watch them again.

      You’ll do your thing regardless. But still, it’s wrong if you haven’t thrown a single dollar towards the people who created the art for your entertainment..

  20. Hi all,

    An extra $5 for unlimited access to any number of multimillion dollar movies doesn’t seem unreasonable. But followed by a post of how much is reasonable to pay to go to a theater?

    Out of curiosity, how do you all think they recoup the costs? The theater has to kick back huge percentages to make up for it. That’s why the ticket is $10 and the popcorn is $15. My friend manages a theater and he can barely make rent. For Netflix, the shipping costs are 10 times higher than the streaming costs.

    Your garden looks nice, you must have put a lot of time, effort and money into that. Why don’t you sell the results at a loss?

    Cynical-C. I come for the news, I stay for the hypocrisy.

    1. $5 by itself is not a lot of money. A 50% increase in price is a different story. Paying 50% more to get the same service? I know what I would do if my electric company did that – I know what I would do if my local gas station did that – I know what I would do if Netflix did that.

      Also, Netflix don’t make the movies, so you really can’t give them any credit for how much money was spent on the movies being rented out, can you?

      1. Gas stations have raised prices by a lot more then 50% – yet they still make the same amount of money – and I’m sure you still buy gas from them. The companies selling the gas to them have jacked the price up so the local station has to sell it for more.

        Netflix is in the same situation. They have to pay for access to content. If their prices go up yours will too.

      2. Sure you can give them credit for the cost of movies being rented out. It’s the cost of doing business for them. You don’t think they get those movies for free, do you? Anyway, I can’t remember how long I’ve been with Netflix but this is only the second price increase I can remember and that can’t be said for most other products out there. Plus I like the streaming because it has a lot of documentaries and British TV shows that I like to watch. It’s worth it to me, doesn’t mean it’s worth it for others.

      3. I’m not sure here. Saw Chris’s post about other’s agreeing that paying for entertainment was bad. Not sure if he saw

        But I am sure for most, (not all), but for most of you, $15 / month is not a lot of money.

        Peter, I see what you are saying, but I disagree entirely.

        “Also, Netflix don’t make the movies”. LOL, that is awesome! My supermarket doesn’t (“don’t”) make cereal, milk, eggs, etc, but I’m still expected to pay them for relaying it to me.

        50% on seven quid is much different then 50% on 100 quid. Of course Netflix doesn’t make movies. Neither does AMC, Blockbuster, Fandango, Regal, Harkins, Cinemark, Imax, Senimol, etc. They are reselling the movie, and that’s what pays for the $45 million dollar picture that you are so having a sook and a wing about paying $9 for.

        And as far as “Paying 50% more to get the same service?”. Maybe you’re 12 or 13 years old and haven’t worked very long? If so, I apologize. But when you’re older, you will understand “cost of living increase”. It’s economics 101, prices go up on occasion. You are justified a pay raise because COST OF SERVICES is increasing also, and vice versa.

        I pay the $8 for streaming. I make a good wage, and whatever netflix charges is still less then I paid renting DVDs. Maybe $15 per month is ridiculous to some people. Heck, maybe big vacations to Vegas are silly to others.

        Or just torrent it all. Because you are too cool/too cynical/too awesome to contribute to other people’s labour. What do you do for a living? Can I have it for free?

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