The Garden Thread

Email me a pic of your garden and I’ll post it here.

Here’s mine from the weekend:

(click for big)

And we’re about ready to harvest the first tomato of the year.

From Wendell:

Concord grapes and raspberries (some day).

From LydiRae:

Here’s my row of corn and tomato plant. Snails got the squash and cucumber while they were still seedlings.

From Flaming Atheist:

I was waiting for a garden pic thread. Unfortunately my ‘garden’ won’t happen until next year. For now here’s a pic of my back yard. House was a foreclosure so I have 2 years of neglect to reverse., plus you can see part of ‘Castle Greyskull’ in the lower right. Fake rock fountain that was buried on the hillside, upside-down with a rubber liner filled with sand. Why? Who knows but now I’m gonna hit Goodwill for some He-Man or army guys to play with it.