1. A black person in Seattle? Now that is suspicious.

    I can’t wait for the inevitable complaint to come through that a TSA agent tried to pick somebody’s nose.

  2. she has a point though – if you’re going to search her big poofy hair search everyone’s – that is was the TSA bullshit is all about isn’t it? random searches sure didn’t catch mr. fake tickets did they?!

    I’m a bit inclined to go with her becuase I am still bitter about being the only white woman on a plane from India being the ONLY person who had my luggage searched!!! (Meanwhile a whole plane full of Saudis went sauntering past the whole customs area while they tore my luggage apart and harassed me about my jewelry!)

    The TSA is bullshit and is abusing it’s power beyond belief. This whole thing about body implant bombs – seriously? That is elementary school tactics there…

  3. How to get weapons on a plane:
    1: Get first class tickets for yourself and fellow terrorists
    2: Order in-flight meals
    3: You and your team now each have a knife and fork, as well as a drinking glass that can be broken and used for slashing.

    Problem, TSA? [insert troll-face guy]

    I’m sure there are plenty of other things on a plane that can be used as weapons. Just think of all the confiscated weapons that get quickly made in prisons

  4. I was in San Diego for a week in May with my girlfriend (who is white) and she had her hair searched at the San Diego airport. She has fairly short, shoulder length hair that was up in a tiny bun while we were there and they made her undo it and combed through it. So I doubt the search was racially motivated. That’s such an absurd argument. A better argument would simply be: why the hell would they bother searching a woman’s hair? What could possibly be hidden up there that could not be hidden in someone’s clothes?

  5. Slightly off topic…
    Terrorists could use morbidly obese people to hide bombs under layers of flab. They’d fit right in with the crowd, plus who’d want go digging around in there. That is a good idea. Yes.

    Ooooh. And they could refuse to be searched and play the fat-card.

    Disclaimer: I absolutely oppose anyone doing anything with bombs. I mean that it’s a good idea only in the abstract.

  6. The ad directly below the video (in this comment section as I type) is a hair conditioning product for, “tight kinky curls”, with a black woman prominently featured. As a white man, I believe this ad is, “racially motivated.”

  7. Anyone heard about “big hair” searches in Texas? I can hardly wait for the bouffant hair style to come back in style– wait, Tea Party? Lots there. Hve we hear any comb-out complaints from the red states? How ’bout Sarah Palin’s buffoont hairdo?

    Not racially motivated, yeah right.

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