TSA Fucks Up Again

Fucking TSA:

A Nigerian immigrant made a mockery of federal air security when he managed to board a flight from JFK to LA with a stolen, expired boarding pass — and then walked free, even after the flight crew discovered the breach and called the FBI, officials said yesterday.

Olajide Oluwaseun Noibi, 24, wasn’t arrested until a week after the disturbing series of blunders, and that was only because he allegedly tried to pull the scam again so he could fly to Atlanta for free.

Noibi had a dozen phony boarding passes in his luggage when he was finally busted Wednesday at LAX on stowaway charges, and told FBI agents he was able to fly there without paying, officials said.

When the gate agent scanned the expired boarding pass, a red light went off to indicate it was not legitimate — “and he’s still allowed to board,” a source said of the event, which was captured on video surveillance.

Virgin American Flight 415 departed on time with Noibi on board — but not on the manifest.

During the trip, at least two passengers complained that Noibi smelled bad, and airline officials finally figured out he was in an unsold seat.

Expect a sniff test to be implemented from now on.