1. It probably has 35 million worth of physical plant and tech equipment, as well as IP and other intellectual capital (such as employee skills).

    The buyer could turn around, dump MySpace (the site), and relaunch as something completely different….

    which is what Murdoch should have done, if he wasn’t such a one-trick pony (like: publish the most vile, low-brow stuff you can get away with, and rake in the cash).

  2. $35 seems more fair. But the good news here is that Rupert lost a ton! Anything that costs that son of a bitch a dime has to be a net positive for society.

  3. Assuming the rate of depreciation was constant from when Murdock bought it and that it was bought exactly 6 years ago, the price would have reached $0 in a little over 7 months.

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