1. Lookin’ good and I don’t even like whole tomatoes (as opposed to sauce) that much.

    Of course if you’re in a hurry, ethylene is easily obtainable.

  2. Fresh veggies from a garden are just awesome. Unless they are called “cilantro.” In that case, they smell like stinkbugs and taste like stinkbugs.

    Yet the seeds from the plant are great. Go figure.

    1. That’s funny, I don’t much care for corriander, but cilantro is very refreshing to me. I saw something somewhere (you know how that goes) that claimed that depending on your body chemistry, cilantro will either taste great, or taste like dirt. The same goes for people who say their pee smells like asparagus after eating it. Some smell it, some don’t.

  3. I had the first salad with backyard tomatoes of the year today (along with backyard pepper and cucumber). The tangy taste almost brought tears to my eyes. No supermarket tomatoes can ever compare. Yours will be well worth the wait.

  4. Because of late frosts we didn’t get ours in the ground until the end of April. Lots of flowers, bushy and about 3 feet tall. Can’t wait. Spinach and lettuce were good. Been picking the Kohlrabi and the Banana Peppers. Cauliflower is doing what its suppose to do. Love walking out the back door and coming back in with this stuff!

  5. Good job! I had a backyard tomato garden when I was a kid. I hate tomatoes, but I remember the satisfaction of watching them grow, then seeing my family enjoy something I created.

  6. Fresh tomatoes are wonderful.

    My garden is a list of losses to the Damned Rodents- basil, peppers, lemons, loquats, blueberries. Oh, and the ROOTS of the banana plants, dug up and munched. Somebody asked me, what kind of small animals are these?

    We finally had to get an electric trap. Caught quite a few. More small rodents came up and sniffed the bodies. And then proceeded to eat their kin, starting at the head.

    So now when people ask, What is eating your yard? I reply
    Zombie rodents.

    1. Uh, pee on them. Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna wash them before you eat them. But most animals don’t like the smell. Of pee, that is…

  7. The three week long 100+ degree weather has finally killed all semblance of tomatoes, peppers, grass, and anything else I tried to grow this year.

    Fortunately, my supermarket supplies red tomatoes for me almost on demand..

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