Could this be happening? A man’s nightmare made real

From the LA Times:

He kept thinking that there had been a mistake, that he’d be out in no time. That the system, set into motion by some misunderstanding or act of malice, would soon correct itself.

That was before the detective informed him of the charges, and before the article in the Ventura County Star. “Man held after woman found raped and tortured,” read the headline, and there was his name, along with a quote from a police officer: “In 19 years of police work, this has to go down as one of the most brutal attacks I have ever seen.”

The sky was beautiful that afternoon. Louis Gonzalez III remembered it felt like spring.

He was standing on the sidewalk outside the Simi Valley Montessori School, having just flown in from Las Vegas, hoping to get a look at his 5-year-old son’s new kindergarten. Standing there, waiting for the door to open so he could scoop the boy up in his arms and fly him to Nevada for the weekend.

The first officer arrived on a motorcycle and headed straight for him. He did not explain the charges as he snapped on the handcuffs. As Gonzalez stood there stunned, he noticed little faces pressed against the schoolhouse glass, watching, and asked if he could be moved just a bit so his son didn’t have to see.

Soon he’d surrendered all the items that tethered him reassuringly to the rational, workaday world. The BlackBerry he used a hundred times a day. His Dolce & Gabbana watch. His credit cards and photos of his son. His leather shoes and his socks, his pressed shirt and jacket, his belt and slacks and underwear. Naked in a holding cell, he watched his things disappear into plastic bags. He stepped into a set of black-and-white-striped jail scrubs, the kind his son might wear on Halloween.

A month passed in his single-bunk cell, and then another, and he had nothing but time to reckon all he’d lost. His freedom. His son. His job. His reputation. He had to wonder how much he could endure.

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  1. can you imagine how jacked up that little boy is going to be as an adult? or what his relationship with women will be like?

    also, as a woman, i’m pretty horrified to see a woman [allegedly] faking a rape. it’s a complete slap in the face of any woman [or man] who HAS been assaulted, and it sets back victim advocacy so far…

    1. As a veteran female, I have many friend/acquaintances who’ve had to deal with their Army “buddies” who wanted to get some poontang without realizing that “uh, Dude. It’s RAPE when you do that to someone who’s not interested.”

  2. When I read the part about the S/M link she had I immediately thought she was cheating on her husband, and maybe he walked in and her only excuse was to pretend like it was an unwarranted assault.

  3. It just makes you think, if that guy escaped by such a narrow margin, how many other innocent people sit in prison? And yes, I know of women who are that nuts about their kids.

    Never heard of a declaration of factual innocence before. Always thought you were found guilty, not guilty (grey area) or innocent.

  4. If you haven’t done so, read some of the comments in the LA Times article. Looks like Mrs. West is using various accounts to defend herself and coming up with bat shit crazy conspiracy theories.

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