1. Question of the Day.

    Seriously, though, Rickrolling. It was funny once or twice, peaking when the Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends float rickrolled the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I’m pretty sure people are done with it, but it still grates on me.

  2. for me its lolcats –
    if something isn’t funny before you screw up the grammar and put it over a cat, it probably never will be.

  3. All the unfunny, forced ones that’re latched-on to by people that want to identify with other people and use these things as a means to do so.

    Rage comics; “I don’t always X but when I do I Y”; Adjective Noun is Adjective; “damn nature, you scary”; all the insipid LOL BACON NARWHALS shit; Verticals; the endless, contrived enthusiasm for geek culture by people who were never fans of Zelda, Mario or Star Wars until it was in vogue; the Wilhelm scream used as a boring, exhausted nod to industry inside jokes by talentless sound designers on film production crews; “clever girl” and the forced obsession with Velociraptors; “fucking magnets”; Pedobear; the look of disapproval; “better drink my own piss”; “come at me bro”; “over 9000”; The Lying Down Game or “Planking” as it’s been reincarnated; insisting on using the word “troll” to describe everything, including simple jokes; “You jelly” or the use of “jelly” – and on similar lines “you mad?”; and so on.

    Basically just browse reddit and geekologie.com for a day and you will see only a fraction of the shitty memes I hate.

    1. Geez, you just described 87.3% of the intertubez. Maybe you should go back to paper books.

      Oh yeah, a meme I can’t stand is obviously made up statistics to support a rhetorical point.

    1. Damn you beat me to it.

      Mostly I don’t hate memes – I either like them or ignore them. But the ‘First’ thing is so unfunny it makes me want to spit every time.

  4. I really really hate that “cool story, bro” thing, mostly because my son kept saying it at the dinner table. (By the way, the correct response to “Cool story, bro” is “I know, right?”)

  5. Rage Guy and all its offsprings, Philosphyraptor (or whatever it’s called) and all its offsprings (apart from the Socially Awkward Penguin) & Scumbag Steve and all its offsprings.

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