1. I really, really dug ’em. Can’t wait for more. I also can’t help but think that Benedict Cumberbatch, who is great as Sherlock, could also be an outstanding Doctor Who at some point.

  2. Wow, just watched the first one 2 nights ago and the second one last night. Excellent business. But then again, can Martin Freeman ever do anything bad?

  3. I was quite skeptical going in but enjoyed the series immensely!
    Oh, and “Benedict Cumberbatch” HAS to be the coolest name I’ve come across in years!

    1. To quote NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour:

      “In fact, he’s just leasing (his name) from J.K. Rowling because she just keeps churning out these names. British actors come to her and say ‘My name is Jake Sterling, that’s not going to work over here,’ and she says ‘From now you are Chumley Bubblensqueak’, ‘From now on you are Templeton Hampsterwheel.'”

      Seconding the Sherlock love here too 🙂

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