1. Something seems odd about this. The Gopros aren’t that light, and they’re hard to hold without an array of attachments. That a bird could not only pick it up, but also fly with it seems like a stretch.

  2. Probably fake. I don’t know why they’d have a camera sitting on the ground taping a still shot of a wall long enough for a bird to come up and steal it, and be far enough away that the bird could do so. I still laughed hilariously at this though.

  3. It’s fake for a number of reasons…the guy doesn’t sound too alarmed when the bird picks ip up for one thing. The other thing that made me wonder is the breathing sound. I’m not a bird specialist, but do birds really breathe that audibly? And wouldn’t the noise of the wind (which you don’t hear in the video) be louder than the bird’s breath?

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