Retiree Loses Everything After Bank Mistakes His House For Foreclosure

From The Consumerist:

An eighty-two year old Tampa Bay man has lost everything he owns, including pictures of his dead wife, after a clean-out crew hired by Bank of America mistook his house for the foreclosure next door.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Benito Sr. came back from vacation to find that his house was padlocked and everything inside was gone. A sign outside taped to his window was for a company that cleans out foreclosed houses.

When he first called the number, an employee said it was probably their fault, saying, “It had to be us. We had a work order to go out to 4255.”

The mistake may have arose from Santiago’s mailbox and confusing history surrounding his his address. It says 4205 on one side but on the other the “0” is missing. The land next door referred to as 4255 W. Humphrey St. doesn’t exist in the property records and both packages and services have been delivered to his house in the past intended for his neighbor.


    1. He probably has to sue them in civil court first. But that would require a lawyer, who requires money, which he no longer has. The perfect crime!

  1. There’s more to read if you click through to the original article:

    -This occurred in the fall of 2009
    -The “cleaning company” admitted they had screwed up, not the bank
    -BoA wasn’t involved at the time. BoA bought out Countrywide Home Loans, presumably after this incident took place.

    Still a shitty story… Guy deserves a hundred thousand or more in compensation according to me.

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