1. IMDB and Wiki say Winterset IA, but according to the big brown sign on the highway Desoto IA is the birthplace of John Wayne (Marion Morrison). Not that it really matters, because it still isn’t Waterloo.

  1. As an Australian, I’m going to love watching this race to the whitehouse. Fingers crossed she goes all the way and becomes president #45. That would be awesome to watch from all the way down here.

    1. As someone from mainland Europe I would enjoy watching the Brits squirm trying to explain why exactly they have a “special relationship” with another Bush-level intellect so I’ll support that.

  2. To our friends overseas I simply say, be very careful what you wish for. If you think the damage Boy Blunder caused over 8 years was bad you ain’t seen nothin yet. While that damage has not had as great an impact in your little corner of hell as it has in the US, the Middle East and Central Asia Batshit Bachmann will ensure that no dim recess will be missed when she extends the misery. Remember, God Himself has anointed her to be His representative here on Earth. To her that means bringing forth the end times as foretold by her insane understanding of the Book Of Revelations.

  3. As someone who isn’t based in the US, I think it is no laughing matter.

    What’s good for America is good for the world.

    Imagine, another halt to life-saving stem-cell research, global warming denial, war. Think about that when you aren’t cured from some disease, when your beachfront home finally floods, or the price of everything goes up due to oil and war in the middle east again.

    Yes, I will be watching this closely.

  4. Michele Bachmann is a dangerous person and she has a lot of support in certain quarters but I think it’s time to stop ridiculing her and the other Republican candidates when they make gaffes like this. It makes liberals feel good to do so but it does nothing to erode her base of support. In fact, it probably makes it stronger. What liberals need to be doing is continuously pointing out how bad her policies are for the US, why those policies are bad, and exactly how those policies are going to hurt the very people who support her.

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