1. Some things should not be broadcasted. Like this trick. So don’t mess with me getting my petit bourgouisie bullshit news for free, man, or else f*ck you times infinity.

  2. I see all the dotcom era webmonkeys have to the next scam. Not to worry, I’m sure using this trick qualifies as terrorism under the DMCA.

  3. But why would I want to do this? So I can read the latest stenography work of someone posing as a journalist that writes down whatever conventional wisdom is being spewed as if it were fact. Say. like, Judith Miller and the fabulous work she did pimping our illegal invasion of Iraq?

    1. Frankie this clearly doesn’t apply to you as you apparently haven’t picked up the gray lady since ought 3. Pat yourself on the back if you want, but I bet you’re still preparing tuscan recipes, have out of style drapes, and are happlessly misinformed regarding which religiously affiliated kindergarten non practicing Jews on the upper west side are competing to get their children into. I pity you.

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