1. Five people don’t like that smallpox was eradicated? Or don’t like that they can’t blame a western society for introducing smallpox to locals anymore? WTF is wrong with you people?

  1. They would have warmed up to him a lot sooner if he offered them Nutella.

    I think it’s wrong of him to share modern technology with them. They should develop their own progress at their own rate. Consider Klaatu’s comment.

    And I think he’s nuts for showing them matches that soon. They might have thought he was a witch and killed him (almost happened on an episode of Bewitched when Endora sent Darin and Sam back in time).

  2. I have been looking for footage of this off and on for years (on when I was teaching a high school elective in anthropology.) It is an interesting video, but there are a few dramatizations in it and some moral questions it raises about the way and reasons for contacting an isolated group like the toulambi. I had this odd feeling that the only reason it was being filmed and narrated was so that the anthropologist could say they had been part of a first contact event at a time when it is nearly unheard of.

    1. Well, they say in the video at some point that the anthropologist believed they would soon have been discovered anyway, and so it was preferable they would be discovered by someone who would fight for their rights to live as they wished.

      Whether you agree or not with the propositions in that statement, it’s a rational explanation.

  3. Wouldn’t it have been easier for the white guy to bring with him a Papua New Guinean? It would have spooked the natives a bit less to see a guy who looked like them.
    I read somewhere that a lot of tribal cultures view white skin as a sign of death…If they thought they were confronted with a zombie, it could have turned ugly really fast.


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