Southwest Airlines Pilot Broadcasts Hate For Flight Attendants Over ATC Radio

From AviationNewsToday:

A pilot has been suspended after broadcasting a slur-filled rant about flight attendants over an air-traffic control frequency that stopped controllers from contacting other aircraft.

The profanity-laced rant meant controllers were unable to contact other aircraft for several minutes potentially putting lives at risk.

The Southwest Airlines pilot launched into a swear laced tirade about gay, overweight and older flight attendants on a flight passing over Houston, Texas.

The pilot complained that most flight attendants weren’t acceptable dating prospects for him.


  1. I’m imagining them with the autopilot on, passing a flask back and forth. Then when its over, all the pilots turn into Shaggy, the singer not the Scooby Doo character. Or maybe both.

  2. I work for another airline. Stuck mikes happen and they suck but my God I can’t imagine why this guy would be talking like this. Unbelievable! Rumor on the street is he’s suspended without pay and had to write a formal letter of apology to the flight attendant union (I think it’s AFA at WN).
    I don’t know if there will be any other repercussions…

    1. My money is on whoever was 1st officer didn’t like hearing this BS so he surreptitiously keyed the mike and let this DB hang himself.

      I have a good friend and classmate who is a commercial pilot and happens to be gay (20 years+ of flight experience) and I doubt he would have put up with this shit. This guy sounds like he wanted to be a throwback to the cocked hat-martini sipping-stewardess in lap days.

  3. I always wondered what Glen Quagmire’s real voice sounded like. Seriously though, I really believe this tool’s problems have only just begun.

    1. Wait, you mean “chicks” aren‘t flattered to be called “probably do-able” even when compared to “gays, grannies, and grandés?”

      1. Well, I don’t know about chicks, but it works on me. Unfortunately, I’m one of the gays, so he’s blown it with me at least (and not in a good way).

  4. I don’t know how it works, but I’m assuming the other pilot is stuck working with that douchebag for some time. I’d go nuts being strapped into the cockpit for hours on end with a coworker like that.

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