Obama ‘Withdrawal’ Plan Would Leave More Troops In Afghanistan Than When He Began His Presidency

From Think Progress:

Today, President Obama is expected to announce the withdrawal of as many as 33,000 troops from the war in Afghanistan by the end of 2012. While this announcement is largely being portrayed as a serious reduction of troops, it is important to look at the numbers in context.

ThinkProgress has assembled the following graph showing that if the reductions are carried out as planned, the United States would still have far more troops in Afghanistan than it did when Obama came into office and more than at any point during former president George W. Bush’s administration:


  1. So, we can afford this, but cannot afford to keep schools and parks open? We can’t afford Medicare? We’re supposedly the richest country on earth and we can’t even maintain our roads… give it another 10 years at this pace and we will look like North Korea.

    1. supposedly the roads in north korea are gorgeous because no one has any cars and road traffic is extremely limited. so…we’ll be all envious of north korean infrastructure.

    2. ignore it, it’s blind nationalism. it happens in every country, not just america. you grow up being taught your are “the best” or “the richest”. people just go with that, never bothering to check the numbers.

      as for numbers though, the usa has the largest amount of paved roads on earth, almost 4 million kilometers. i would love to hear what mrclam is doing to help with that.

      besides just bitching of course.

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