1. God’s a dick! Allegedly he’s got infinite love, which makes the supply limitless, but he still holds it back for no reason other than not having water poured on your head as baby. And plants and animals? Fuck photosynthesis and fuck companionship! This page from this book finally proves it for me once and for all. God’s a dick. If he were real, I wouldn’t hang with him.

    1. From the “evidence” in the Bible, I’d say bipolar disorder is highly likely. God’s pissy enough to wipe out a planet with a flood, then gets all gaga over one leader who’s cheating on his wife with a few hundred concubines, and blessed be the lambs but the shellfish are evil. Those are just not signs of a stable personality.

  2. I think it looks real but it’s one of those things where some christians lose their minds and extrapolate whatever they want from vague notions of their faith. My favourite examples are slogans in quotes on church bilboard signs written in modern English that did not come from the bible but make broad statements about going to church.

    If God is real then all the sloppy sucking up in the world wont save them from being smitten for blasphemy.

    Lake. ‘o’. Fire.

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