1. And now … with a phone book.

    Seriously, maybe I’m just used to what I saw in the movie The Exorcist, but the woman was pretty well dressed and her hair looked good. She’s wearing make up. So as demons go, at least this one cared enough about appearance.

  2. Ugh. The man conducting the exorcism is Bob Larson. A sanctimonius, hypocritical fraud–just like all the other preachers.

  3. I was embarrassed for them all watching this. I love how the demon can make her shout and writhe, but it can’t make her strip naked and start shooting at bystanders. It seems that demons have a sense of modesty and are afraid of prison just like humans! Do I get a Master’s of theology for figuring that out by the way?

  4. After all that screaming and moaning and grunting, I was disappointed that they didn’t show the actual birth of her baby demon.

  5. But you guys know God can create any miracle he want to. Raise the dead, give sight to the blind cure every illness known to man and cast out demons. Yes sir, God can do ANYTHING . . . well except for regrowing a limb on an amputee. For some reason He has never once in all recorded history ever helped a single amputee. He must really like to fuck with those poor people, thats the only explanation . . . well, either that or the whole thing is a scam.

  6. So, I wonder if she’s more like character one or character two in real life. Also, did anyone else think it was kinda naughty the way she laughed and said “bit”?

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