1. Back in the mid 70s, the guy cutting my hair suggested that I get a perm, and I gave him the look of death. WTF was he thinking? The was prior to my punk phase.

  2. The boy has, what my Hebrew friend termed in 1970, a jewfro. It was the way he wore his hair at the time. Would that have given this kid a sad also?

  3. “At least you are not really black” – whew what a relief. Was this produced by Mitt Romney and the Mormon collective?

    1. Ironically, it looks like it was to teach diversity and not to judge people by their looks – er… looks that they have a choice about.

  4. I’m wondering if this started out as some sort of misguided liberal show about racism (with some weird moral) that has been cleverly edited to get a rise out of people.

    Perhaps… it is hard to believe….let’s hope

  5. This video is clearly sexist. By suggesting that she looks like a boy, they’re saying that there’s something wrong with being a boy. This is part of the liberal anti-male propaganda. (wink, wink.)

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