1. What did this guy do that was so bad ? I’m in europe but I heard he just sent some naked pics to women. Is that worth hurling abuse to him on national TV ? WTF America ?

    1. For me he should resign, not because he showed his weinie but because he was stupid enough to post it on Twitter. It’s about lack of foresight and making intelligent decisions, especially for a politician.

  2. OK. It was heterosexual (he’s a Democrat), and there was no actual touching. However, he showed INCREDIBLY poor judgement, and couldn’t even lie well.

  3. I don’t get it. What did this guy do apart from showing pics of himself in underpants to people? I mean he must have done something terrible, really terrible. Dick Cheney shot a guy in the face and didn’t resign. So, I guess it must have been something worse than that.

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