1. 99% of Vancouver citizens would probably agree with you. The level of wounded pride around here is almost impressive. I think the rioters will have a hard time avoiding prosecution, as unlike ’94 there were cameras EVERYWHERE last night.

      I mean, how stupid can you be to set things on fire right in front of the CBC studio? They only have 2 dozen cameras recording you… And not the grainy VHS-quality footage like in ’94.

  1. The ex-firefighter in me was hoping for a cook-off of the front bumper struts or at least a good little tire explosion.

    But a screaming alpha fire would have been good too.

  2. This is my home town and I feel nothing but shame! I was living downtown during the 94 riot and it was surreal. I love the Canucks just as much as the next Vancouverite but fuck it is bad enough we lost do we have to look retarded too? I cannot decide what was worse – the nadless game that was played or the shit is burning show…

  3. It was a smart move from the police not to put down the riot too eagerly.

    Now they can justify a bigger budget in the future. To them more mayhem and fires means more money.

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